Now in its 13th year, critically acclaimed Ibiza continues to wow guests with its chef-driven menu. Its party-like atmosphere has crowds filling tables at lunch and dinner. Chef Charles Clark and his team are front and center and the bustling open kitchen provides the show. The rustic – “pot to plate” approach to cooking comes from travel. A thread of Spanish tastes and “Southern” influence whether from his coastal Louisiana childhood to southern France, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia gives the menu a bold flavor profile. La Plancha Style Portuguese Octopus with Green Zhug and Spanish chorizo, Six hour braised Lamb Shank with Spanish Mint, whole fish grilled with lemon and sea salt, Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna with orange mustard, ponzu peppers and Japanese seaweed salad and seasonal, market-fresh features. The deep wine list at Ibiza easily started the trend of affordable global wines.

Events/Room Availability

Whether your event is a personal or business occasion, Ibiza Next Door can accommodate up to 60 for seated events or as many as 110 guests for cocktail events and cater to your every need.


T-Th 11-10
Fri 11-11
Sat 5-11
Sun 5-9



Executive Chef

Restaurateur Charles Clark is widely admired for his international culinary experience, impressive knowledge, colossal energy, stint on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” and head-spinning list of accolades. Alongside business partner Grant Cooper, the duo has launched four top-of-the-chart restaurant ventures through Clark Cooper Concepts and has consistently garnered local and national praise.

Clark’s rise to the top tier of Houston’s culinary talent dates back to humble beginnings and modest, small-town Louisiana roots. There, his parents instilled a hard work ethic and adherence to strong morals, which Clark has embraced throughout his career. Beginning with an apprenticeship at an iconic Texas restaurant, he also racked up first-hand experiences with exemplary culinary techniques in France, Italy and Spain.

Upon his return to the United States, Clark achieved top honors as a credentialed chef and today ranks as a highly respected restaurateur. With a uniquely unpretentious high style, Clark’s culinary experiences and tenure in the kitchen are melded with Cooper’s business savvy to create trends that mirror the open kitchens that both Clark and Cooper enjoyed during childhood and front-of-the-house early-career positions. Ibiza Food & Wine Bar, like its namesake island off the coast of Spain, bustles in Midtown with a confluence of sophisticated Houston style setters.

Flanking the other side of Houston’s bustling downtown business district on edgy Washington Avenue, the newest venture, Coppa Ristorante Italiano, offers a diverse slate of Italian cuisine in a buoyant atmosphere that captures the Italian spirit. Between the two in upscale River Oaks and named for its affluent zip code, Brasserie 19 reincarnates classic French brasserie fare enhanced by Gulf Coast flavors and modern American influences. With their creativity working overtime, Clark Cooper Concepts have additional trend-setting concepts on the drawing board, and loyal patrons are awaiting the next marvel to be unveiled.



As a multi-generational Texan, Kenneth Burke learned the tradition of home grown food at a young age. He grew up sitting on his parent’s kitchen countertop watching his grandmothers and mother preparing meals – using everything from fresh heirloom tomatoes from the garden to his grandfathers’ harvested honey.

With a culinary career in mind, Kenneth enrolled at LeNôtre Culinary Institute in Houston. At LeNôtre, he was introduced to French cuisine, learning the precise techniques and intense discipline of the French. Upon graduating, he took his Texas brand of French cooking straight to the source by interning at a small restaurant in France to follow his passion.

Kenneth has worked under many notables in the industry such as Master Chef Fritz Gitschner, Chef Mark Cox, and Chef Bryan Caswell, with his culinary journey continuing as Chef de Cuisine at Ibiza Food & Wine bar under Chef Charles Clark. Here, he fuses French techniques with the Southern, Tex-Mex, and Asian flavors that he grew up with to create unique and innovative meals that guests are sure to never forget.



Kenneth Burke

Chef De Cuisine



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